Student/Post Doc Training

Undergraduate Students

  • Sarah LavallĂ©e. Acadia Community Development Student Internship Winter 2022 with Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia

Masters Students

  • Mitacs Internship with Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (Ivany, M.)
  • Research project with Great Northern Peninsula Research Collective (Young, S.)

PhD Students 

  • Coordinator (2019-2021; Reid,B.)
  • Climate Change research working with David Maggs and Metcalf Foundation (Butters, L. and Langer, S.)
  • Understanding the role of multiple actors in financing community level climate change action beginning Fall 2023 (Yirenkyi, E.)

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Coordinator (2021; Eger, S.)
  • Coordinator, (2021- present; Philanthropy in Food systems in Atlantic Canada, Doyle, E.)